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Type and Name of Lao Skirt (Lao Sinh)

A Skirt (Sinh) consists of 3 different parts – Houa Sinh (waistband), Pheun sinh (body, main part), and Tiin Sinh (hem).

“Houa Sinh” the waistband, is a narrow piece of about 20 cm. Stitched onto the top of the Sinh and tucked at the waist. It is usually woven in cotton or silk in a solid color. Waistbands using a striped design using cotton and silk mix or pure silk in supplementary weft pattern and woven to match a specific Sinh are reserved for important ceremonies.

“Pheun Sinh” is the main and longest part of the center of the Sinh. It is woven with different techniques such as: Continuous and discontinuous supplementary weft pattern, Supplementary warp pattern, Matmii (Ikat) Tapestry and Twisted multiple yarn pattern.

“Tiin Sinh” The hem, is a narrow piece stitched to the Sinh at the bottom. The hem is always woven with a carefully chosen and often elaborate design from which we are able to distinguish the origin and ethnicity of the garment.

Source: V.NATHAVONGDOUANGSY, “Sinh and Lao Women”, page 25-27, 2006

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